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Ian Griffiths


My paintings are created in a direct response to the natural world exploring my subject in different mediums and contrasting styles to share his experience and emotions with the viewer. I like to turn my brush from controlled strokes illustrating a field guide to broad sweeps of a canvas but either way the paint is applied with thought to balance, composition and tone. Water holds a fascination for Ian and located on the Lizard peninsula with the stormy Atlantic on one side and the peaceful creeks of the Helford River on the other there is no shortage of inspiration Ian has lived throughout the UK and travelled the world for many years and this has added to his knowledge of Wildlife and the landscape using this experience to be able to paint such a varied subject matter.

Parrot also hold a fascination with their character and colourful plumage they are a wonder to paint. I have observed many on my travels and the World Parrot trust is 10 miniutes away where  have a chance to study them

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