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Ian Griffiths


I hope that viewing my work you can share some of the emotions that created the painting and take a fresh look at the world around us. 

As a child I was fortunate to have the freedom to explore and discover my own environment and see nature through my own eyes. There was pollution and dereliction in the northern coal town where I lived but having that freedom to roam gave me the opportunity to go beyond their boundaries and gaze upon the magic and wonder of the natural world. In my teens I took great delight in helping to restore and create habitat out of this barren land and this in turn laid the foundation of my life long desire to paint wildlife in its environment and to share my passion with others.

●    the Wildlife art society international. Ken Stroud founders award (
●    BBC Wildlife artist of the year 2011. Winner ‘wildlife in its environment’ 
●    runner up in ‘World birds’.
●    BBC Wildlife artist of the year 2012 Runner up ‘wildlife in its environment’.
●    The wildlife art society. St Cuthberts mill ‘best work of paper’
●    David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year, 3 paintings selected

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